KOVO-KT, s.r.o.

Company’s Profile

KOVO-KT, s.r.o. was grounded in 2007 as a genuine Czech company with a workroom based in a town Šumperk.

Identification Nr 273 26 403, Regional court Ústí nad Labem, Section C, Enclosure Nr. 24513 on the 20th. June 2007

Tax number:

Jakubovice 4, Štíty, 789 91

Hraběšická 545, Šumperk, 787 01,
GPS:  49˚57΄56˝N, 17˚0΄20˝E

Smaller parts metal machining and cutting. The machinery is of our own.

If you have any questions do not hesitate and contact us. Our commercial Department is fluent in English and is ready to answer your questions.

Company Advantages

  • Lean and effective Management,
  • Operative time negotiations,
  • Flexibility,
  • Focused on small series and single part production,
  • Prompt reaction on customer’s inquiries,
  • High qualified staff has a long term practice on both - CNC cutting machines and classical cutting machines.

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